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New Landlord Test

The MRHA is dedicated to working with and educating landlords to make sure they follow the laws and do not wind up in court.  The questions below show some of the common mistakes that landlords make which can cost them thousands of dollars.  If you do not know the correct answers to this quiz, we strongly recommend you join one of the local groups to learn more about what is required to be a landlord.

Even if you pass the test, it is still recommended that you join a local group to learn more about the ever changing laws in Massachusetts regarding rental properties. 

  1. Can a landlord change the locks if tenant has not paid rent?
  2. Can a landlord place the tenant's furniture out on sidewalk if rent is unpaid?
  3. If tenants change locks does tenant have to supply landlord with a key to the apartment?
  4. Is there a 14 day late charge for rent in Massachusetts?
  5. If a landlord has leaded paint can he refuse to rent his apartment to children or women of child bearing age?
  6. Does a landlord have to paint the apartment when it turns over?
  7. Does the last month's rent have to be placed in a bank account?
  8. Does the interest on the security deposit have to be paid yearly?
  9. Can I have one apartment pay for the another apartment's gas or electric?
  10. Can a landlord take more than one month's security deposit?
  11. Can a landlord take more security deposit if there is a pet in the apt?
  12. Can a landlord obtain free legal aid services just like tenants get?
  13. Do you have to give out the C.LP.P.P. form about lead paint if there are no children living in the apt.?
  14. Must you have a C.O. detector in the apartment if there is a gas range?
  15. How many unrelated people in a housing units constitutes a rooming house under state laws? Three, four, five, six?
Click here for the answers.