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Conference on Energy and Weatherization


Massachusetts Rental Housing Association, in collaboration with local groups are holding Landlord Energy Conferences in the following locations.


Waltham, Tues, April 5, 6:30-9PM

Worcester Sat, April 16 9:30 AM-12:30

Tentative workshops are scheduled for Salem, and Lowell.


Similar workshops in Boston and Cambridge were packed with landlords eager to take advantage of incentives to weatherize their properties. The Cambridge workshop had additional information on solar hot water and solar electric. MRHA will keep you posted on energy workshops in your area.


Improving energy efficiency and installing renewable energy is a smart investment that benefits both you and your tenants. You could receive an immediate incentive of 75% off the cost of energy efficiency improvements up to $2,000 per unit (in 1-4 unit buildings). 


* Insulate and weatherize your rental properties 


* Replace old heating and water heating units with high-efficiency equipment 


* Replace old gas-and-gas-heat units with high-efficiency equipment 


* Replace old appliances with energy-star appliances 


* Change standard lighting to energy-efficient lighting


* Install solar photovoltaics for electricity or solar hot water systems


The new multi-family program just unveiled now allows landlords of larger building (5+ units) to take advantage these same great incentives. The contractor is paid directly so there is no hassle with rebate forms or reimbursement.