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What Can You Do?

Once the bills are put together by the MRHA, the MRHA will need local groups (that means you) to help get our bills sponsored by the local Representatives and Senators and to discuss the harm other bills do to landlords.  More detailed information should be available within the next few weeks/months.  This information will be emailed to you as well as being available on the MRHA web site.  Please help the MRHA help you level the tenant/landlord playing field.


For more information or to get involved, feel free to contact the MRHA at

Current Legislation

It is very important that landlords/property owners get involved with the state legislative process. At this time, the number of tenants and tenant advocates who influence the legislation is significantly higher than property owners and therefore, the laws and courts are considered very pro-tenant.

Here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Find out who your Representatives and Senators are (
  2. Visit their office (during office hours) and speak to them (or their aids) about your concerns on the issues. In many cases, they won't know about the bills and YOU will have to educate them. Wherever possible, the MRHA can provide you with talking points.
  3. Send letters and emails to your legislators identifying the bill numbers and explaining why you support or do not support these bills. 
  4. Go to fund raisers for your Representatives and Senators. Let them know that you vote and that you want your vote to count.